Ruhrcup Bochum

This year,sv Zeeburg participated with two teams in the Ruhrcup, organised by SV Teuntonia, the handball club of Bochum, Germany. This tournament, I was coaching the sv Zeeburg U14 team. This was the first ever game and/or tournament played with the newly formed U14 team in preparation of the new 2018-2019 season. With players coming from four different teams last year our first lesson was ‘self-reflection’.

sv Zeeburg U14, May 2018

At the start of the tournament, together, we chose 5 key points on which we would be grading ourselves. The key points were 1. 1 on 1 attack, 2. defensive steals, 3. focus, 4. speed, 5. positive feedback. After each game all players graded themselves and the combined teamscore was calculated. We played 8 matches, won 4 and lost 4. Excellent results in order to facilitate great conversations: what defines if you played good? Were you able to accomplish the goals despite win or lose? Why do you give yourself a certain grade, because you tried your best or because you beat an easy opponent? How do you feel after a win or loss, and why?

A huge congratulations to Matthijs en our U16 team, who won second place at this tournament!

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