Free PreSeason Handball Fysical Plan

Starting the new handball season?

Not having a fysical plan yet?

Want to prepare your players in the best way possible?

Pleas find my FREE fysical handball schedule for a graduate 6 week preparation:

PreSeason Handball Fysical Level 1

PreSeason Handball Physical Level 2

Level 3 will be available before 1st of September.


Obviously their are many ways to prepare for the new season. So these are the three core principles that I used:

  1. Players come back from holidays and are undertrained. The schedule needs a gradual increase, within the 6 weeks, from holiday to competition. (This is clearly not optimal, but these are the constrains of the school schedules and planning by the national federation.
  2. Exercises can be performed anywhere! No equipment necessary!
  3. Exercises are split up to different exercise groups. The exercises within each group should take a maximum of 15 minutes, thereby we train all relevant subjects and maybe there is some time to train some game related topics. Additional benefit: per exercise group you can individualise the schedule by having players stick to a lower level when they are injury prone or increase rapidly when they can sustain more load.

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