Classes, lectures and presentation.

Sharing experiences and knowledge on any fields related to sport-sciences. It is always a pleasure to teach and train others. Listed below my favourite workshops and groups I have been invited to:

– Workshop at European baseball coaches association (ECBA)
At the ECBA workshop in Mulhouse I had the opportunity to talk an teach a number of baseball coaches of all kinds of level from multiple countries in Europe. I have been sharing the latest insight in Motorlearning principles and organised a workshop in which I showed the effects of different type of instructions.

– Lecturer Applied Biomechanics at Department of Human Movement Sciences
Showing student the opportunities of biomechanical knowledge in the 3D world. Students will learn to apply this new knowledge to perform biomechanical analyses in the context of Sport and Health. Examples of concepts included are joint angles, joint moments, energy (work, power), angular (and linear) momentum.

– Speaker at the conference of the International Society of Sports Biomechanics (ISBS)
The Society of Sport Biomechanics organises an international conference annually. An great experience to cross boarders of science and culture. During the conferences scientist of all over the world share the latest concepts and insights into the possibilities of biomechnical studies in sport related topics.